10 Wardrobe Essentials For Your Closet

by - 3:08 pm

Closet Essentials are important in your wardrobe as they can create multiple looks when you are on the go. Also, if you ever feel like, "I have nothing to wear" it's probably because you are missing some of the essentials that finish off the look. 

1. To begin, a black leather jacket is crucial as it can dress up or dress down a outfit. Pair it with a black dress for a rocker edge, or a white blouse for a sophisticated chic look. Investing in a good quality leather jacket can also last for years. 

2. Blue Skinny Jeans are used for everyday wear, and some of you may have multiple blue jeans that are boyfriends jeans, distressed jeans, capris, but do you own the staple skinny blue jeans. This can be high or low rise depending on what you prefer, however high rise will create more looks with crop and longer shirts.

3. I think we heard about the LBD. This dress is so versitle as you can wear it with pumps and a ton of necklaces for a night out. Or place a crop top on top of the dress to pair the dress like a skirt and a top. Finish it off with a pear of sneakers and a flannel around the waist. 

4. A tailored T-shirt is especially important if you work for the business world or are in school. This shirt does not have to be white, long or shirt. But we would suggest a longer one as you wear it with leggings and loafers or tuck the shirt in into some trousers for more a professional look. 

5. Oversized sweatshirts are life-savers on Monday Mornings or the weekends when you don't feel like wearing something tight or uncomfortable. You can pick from any colour and hoodies as well. Enough said

6. This is a staple that we own millions of as its perfect for school when you don't feel like putting on jeans. Black leggings that fit are important as well. To make the legs more slimmer and longer, opte for tights that are tighter and pure black. If your planning on wear crop tops with leggings, try black jeggings, that look like jeans but feel like leggings. 

7. Black sneakers are sneakers I do not own enough of. These shoes can be worn with any outfit. They do not have to be vans or high tops. You can pick from your own choice of style such as loafers, low tops and lace ups. 

8. Classic black heels help dress up ANY outfit. You can even wear them with sweatpants and look more professional than you feel. Now, this a choice of the length of heels you want. If you love wearing heels, choose higher pumps, if you are starting out, try 2 inch or 3 inch to help you get started. Trying out kitten heels are helpful as they look Parisian and chic with looks. 

9. When you are shopping, you are probably not thinking about buying a $7 basic white tee. However, these come in handy to creating simple chic looks. Pairing one with sweatpants, black leather jacket and loafers is a default outfit that comes to mind on a lazy day. So next time, pick one up.. or several. 

10. Lastly, a simple, dainty necklace can be worn with any outfit, on a day to day basis. These can be gold or silver depending on which one matches your skin type. However, we believe you can choose which ever one you like, rather than focusing on the rules. 

And that's all. You don't have to listen to us at all on what you should buy. However, we thought we would share as we often repeat outfits as we don't have enough essentials to switch up the outfits. 

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